Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Process of Change

I wanted to share this post with everybody, it was written by Mauricio, a member of the Montoneros Collective. You can visit him here.

By visiting different Bolivian blogs I found several citizens disillusioned, betrayed, discomforted, and even with a sense of revenge. Some of them say things like this about the current government ‘And we believed they were going to be the changing force,’ ‘We have to unite to defeat this babblers of the left.’

What surprises me, is not the government actions, not their legality, neither their legitimacy. What surprises me most, is the low levels of education, perception and short sightedness, of the opposition, which are supported by the economic interests of the elites and not by national interests. What really surprises me is the existence of a middle class particularly afraid, a middle class that believes in any rumor of communism, a middle class that things Hugo Chavéz will take their second set of TV away because of its inability to accomplish a ‘social function.’

I do not pretend, nor am I so naïve, to justify ALL of the actions taken by individual people or political parties of the government and opposition, that are imperfect. To do it would be a terrible mistake, as terrible as the levels of dishonesty and un-nationalism that we have in our country.

This post, pretends instead, to make clear that it is important to understand the words of the President of Bolivia, Mr. Evo Morales, who said to all of us Bolivians: ‘I want to tell the Bolivian people that the road we have began to walk through is a one way road, there is no return, the past cannot be repeated (…) I am convinced that this is an irreversible process.’

That is why, ALL OF US, as citizens of Bolivia, must understand the reality of the country, its opportunities and deficiencies. There will be a good fellow who will propose a SOWT Matrix (Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, Threats) that will help us analyze and describe the performance of our country. Of course, the systematization of information and the rigorous analysis of causes and effects is important, I believe it is basic to understand that:

  • Bolivia is one of the poorest countries of Latin America and the world.
  • Bolivia shows high levels of social inequality and tremendous disparities in the distribution of income.
  • Bolivia has low levels of quantity and quality of education.
  • There are high levels of racism and intolerance.
  • Bolivians cannot conceive the idea of Nation-State. We have a fragmented State.
  • The Bolivian people are highly corrupt.
  • In Bolivia to obey the rule of law is fallacy.

Bolivians need Employment, but above everything we need Unity and Coexistence. Which element should be the priority? The current government prioritized the new legal reality with the new Constitution. Now, the process of approving or disapproving the new constitution is just another instrument in this process of change.

The process of change DOES NOT imply:

  • Luxury cars for everybody in the country, not in two years, neither in ten.
  • To give up one’s house so it will be occupied by the communists.
  • Rates of unemployment of 0% within the next five years.
  • Access to Science and Technology in the medium term.
  • Hugs and Kisses to all your neighbors, regardless of their skin color, and gifts exchanges.
  • That all Bolivians will begin to pay their taxes on time.
  • That the public offices will receive everyone with smiles.
  • That indigenous peasants will become nuclear physicists overnight.
  • That all public employees will stop being corrupt.

I am sorry to say to all of those who feel betrayed because those hopes have not materialized, that you were too naïve.

The process of Change simply consists of:

  • To solve pending issues with the different ethnic groups of Bolivia. This does not mean that money will be taken away from those who have taken the big part of the pie until now, and will be later given to the poor.
  • To create a different playfield where ALL can have the same opportunities, rights and obligations.

To solve those pending issues, requires that all citizens recognize a national identity, a dialogue in which everyone recognizes their neighbor as their equal. Everyone should recognize that we need to live together and respect each other, accepting differences of color, culture and tradition.

The crisis that we are living through now, shows that this is a painful and uneasy process of change, not everyone wants to play by the same rules, it is very convenient to some people that things remain unchanged, static. And others acting in desperation, try to accelerate the process. If it is convenient to some that things remain unchanged, just as they were until now, then why if this process irreversible?

Simply, because those ‘some’ ARE not the MAJORITY.

While the country is totally inhabited by poverty, misery, discrimination, and racism, the process of change with or without Evo Morales will be irreversible, and permanent.

Let us not make this process more painful than it already is. Bolivia is still a PACIFIST country; let us maintain it like that. We must adjust the inequalities of our country to then focus on a future of dignity, employment, social justice, health, less corruption. Those will be the fruits of this process of change.


El Titán said...

ojalá el mundo sea un lugar mejor para todos...

K'ochalo said...

puro ingles imperialista, jaaaa

Eduardo Saucedo Justiniano said...

Great, blame everything on opposition. Evo is such a saint, he never jeopardized any democratic process, he is not the puppet of any foreign oil dictator, pays allemony to all his children... Let us make more like him...

Saludos AutoSImicos

Anonymous said...

La necesidad y urgencia del cambio es innegable. Lamentablemente estamos en las manos menos capaces para la tarea. Mientras bajo el pretexto de sostener la senda del cambio seamos condecendientes con la falta de habilidades y capacidad de nuestros gobernantes, habremos perdido una histórica oportunidad de lograr un genuino avance.
Dejemos la ingenuidad de lado. Al desastre que tenemos de gobierno es obvio que le merece un desastre de oposición.
Sin ánimo de desilucionarlos, pero creo que no han percibido que para los mesiánicos lideres de este nuestro particular "modelo de cambio" ustedes (y seguramente yo también) son el enemigo.

Anonymous said...

Nos vamos conociendo Pucci, "defensor de pacotlla de la democracia y del libre pensamiento". Por qué no publicaste este post que puse ayer? Alguna sensibilidad herida? O el discurso de respeto a la democracia y sus valores fundamentales no es nada más que una careta que conviene usar ahora?

El Post decía más o menos esto:
Muy bien Pucci, felicitaciones, por fin algo de autocrítica. Espero que vos y el director de El Mundo tengan los mismos huevos cuando se trate de denunciar los actos de corrupción de los "Costas" y "Marinkovic", o sugerencias como "pagar por la función económica social". Pagar a quién? bajo qué parámetros? quién define la proporción entre función económica y social y monto a pagar?
o a los maleantes que en su momento se enriquecieron con plata del Estado y ahora le echan toda la culpa de los males al famoso centralismo.
los males al centralismo.

PD. Estoy pegando este mensaje a todos los que comentaron en tu blog sobre los "cobardes" contra la autonomía. Paradójica tu adhesión al editorial, considerando tu falta de autoridad moral.

eve said...

eduardo, who is this ''oil dictator'' you are talking about? cavez won fair elections (according to all international observers). he has authoritarian tendencies, but he is democratically elected. and when he for example ''shut down'' RCTV that was totally legal. If a television channel would have participated in a military coup against a democratically elected government (as RCTV and other channels did) they would have been executed in the US for example. Chavez let them continue their broadcatsing for several years. Thats impressive. But now he seems to want to shut down other channels, which is of course very bad. But that's what happen in a corrupt oil country when US tries to owerthrow a democratically elected leader: He get paranoid.