Sunday, February 17, 2008

Repetitive Media

Impressed by the unstoppable economic power of the Mass Media -directly reflected upon the public mind- and as a Bolivian citizen exposed to the most irresponsible 'freedom of speech' , unethical behavior and open animosity against a democratically elected office in my own country, I designed a drawing representing the way I picture the Mass Media of Bolivia: a vicious circle of prefabricated 'news' being echoed from the source through all listeners; affecting everyone and thus transforming the general public into numbed broadcasters of unreal 'facts'. My intention, through this drawing, is to criticize all those unethical media that rather than being loyal to their communication principles are just following a personal agenda.


Kalimán said...

Hopefully you will include ABI an the Official Bolivian National Channel (Television Boliviana)on your drawing. Or are media only unethical when they affect the image of the official party? Is it ethical to avoid broadcasting democratic manifestations suchs as the Cabildo in Santa Cruz (we can discuss if half a million or "only" 100,000 members of the "oligarchy" showed off, but, with all due respect, the number doesn't matter) or saying "no" to broadcasting an international sports event in the city of Santa Cruz (Mundialito Paz y Unidad) due to "lack of technical possibilities" when only a few months before they broadcasted live from a small town where the Bolivian soldiers murderer "Che" Guevara was executed?

And now that i've mentioned it: was the "Che" Guevara an example for democracy? Is Fidel? Does Cubans enjoy a democratic regime? If the answer to any of this questions is "no", then how come a democratically elected president, of any given democratic country, pay any public and official respect to them?

Sorry for skipping the subject but I just couldn't avoid it once it came up.

Saludos AutoSÍmicos

Rebelde said...

Citing myself: "My intention,... is to criticize ALL those unethical media that rather than being loyal to their communication principles are just following a PERSONAL AGENDA."

If you think ABI should be included here I don't care for I was refering to any unethical mass media. You tried to twist the sense of the post in your favor. Moreover, all your rushed babbling on the 'Cabildo' or the 'Mundialito' or even Fidel Castro, El Che and so on, have nothing to do with the post. It is evident that you have preconceived ideas against what, for you, 'is not fair' which not only hinders this understanding but also any rational dialog.

Kalimán said...

Citing you: "...unethical behavior and open animosity against a democratically elected office in my own country". If I understanded correctly, the post was meant to criticize "only", and "only", that media that appears to be against the elected office, hence, "preconceived and biased" ideas". But I´m glad we made that point clear. I do think that ABI and TVB should be included. Do you?


I said I was sorry for bringing issues not related to the post. What I evidently ignored is that participation on this blog is strictly subdued to what the poster wants to, with no openness to other issues that could be of any interest, or debate, to other people. My mistake... Won´t happen again. Over and out.

Rebelde said...

You can say whatever you want in the right moment, or post. The point is that it would be better if you don't try to go around evading the discussion. If you want to talk about, the Carnival Queen of Santa Cruz, for example, just because you would like to, all the rationale is lost. This is exactly what the opposition does in Bolivia when they try to twist words, ideas, discussions, etc. Don't use the same tactic.

And, about the 'open animosity' of some media, that's true. You just ought to review all the information available in the internet or in the press. There is even an independent Media Observer in Bolivia that concluded those facts (you can even check their web site even seating comfortably at your home!), not my invention. Please, inform yourself before drawing a rushed conclusion. To stay rushing all the time does not allow you to see clearly, and that blinds us all.