Friday, February 8, 2008

The Un-Renounceable Genesis-Horizon: Democracy

Nevertheless, I love you,
land of clay,
and others love you as well,
and something will come out of this sentiment

Julio Cortazar - The Motherland


The democratic life of our nation has been marked by historical dislocations, without them we would not be able to understand the junctures in which, as a country, we are trying to stand up. The situation of our country is conflictive and information is often manipulated, we feel as if we were in the quicksands, we must climb out of them, and we must solidly create our own firm ground. We believe we will be celebrating the creation of a new country, we know we need it.

We are conscious that the road ahead will be difficult. Many obstacles will constantly cross the path of transformation that we are confronting. But we are even more conscious, that there are 9 million Bolivians living in Bolivia and 3 million Bolivian emigrants that point in one direction, and have one aspiration, one horizon, one dream, one ultimate goal, we all want CHANGES now!

We will do this under the un-negotiable premises of freedom and democracy, cornerstones in the construction of the new State. The essential foundations of our thinking come to life from the shared perspectives and understandings we have, the un-renounceable principles that govern us are: National Unity, Freedom and Democracy.

Under no circumstances we will allow anyone to kidnap the free voice of the Bolivian people. We will not let them transgress the rules, nor the game field, that we as a country, have established for this process of transformation.

We will defend the democratic processes our country is going through, with the energy of our souls and the strength of our voices. The polls will be the ones to have the final say, and we believe we must protect, the right that every citizen of Bolivia has, to participate freely in the democratic processes that will bring change about to Bolivia. We believe it is at the polls that we will celebrate our plurality of perspectives and ideas, the results whatever they signal, must be respected.

To the Politicians: We demand the central government and the regional governors to sit and negotiate. All Bolivians want them to negotiate and to find a path of dialogue and understanding. As a country we have decided to write and choose a new Constitution and regional autonomies. The hopes and sentiments of the Bolivian people are invested in those (im)possible dreams, your duty is to fulfill those dreams.

To you Bolivian citizen and to you Visitor from the World: Say YES to a process that will bring about a new Bolivia. A new country, with social justice as a beacon that guides it. Say Yes to a democratic process that lets the people choose their own destiny, say Yes to a constant dialogue among our leaders, say Yes to Freedom, say Yes to Democracy. We will fill our backpacks with dreams and other necessary weapons: information, understanding, peace, justice, brotherhood and liberty. And we promise that we will use these weapons, to create that which we all want, a new Bolivia, not just for me, not just for you, but for us all.

It shall be like that. We will not give up. Today it can be a great day, let us put it that way. Today it can be a great day, and tomorrow as well.

Colectivo Montoneros
February 9, 2008. Bolivia

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Rebelde said...

Yes! We say yes to the changes, we say yes to Bolivia, and we say yes to this opportunity that is lay in front of us to make something good for everyone's well being.

Rebel Greetings